Our retreats have become a place where the women get to relax and enjoy themselves. The creative arts have been an important component of the retreats by helping these women find a safe place to express and explore their diverse feelings and experiences. Journaling, book making and painting have added life, introspection and emotional support as well as laughter. Massages and delicious meals have also supported their needs as an individual, as a wife and a mother. The feedback often heard after a retreat is the gratefulness they feel as a result of being able to come together and share things that other people just can't understand about being a wife of war. They leave with a sense of unity and hope.
The founders of Wives of War set out to create healing retreats for the wives by offering emotionally safe and supportive getaways throughout the year. They did this through the generous help of others who themselves wanted to show support for our troops and their families but did not have an inroad as to how to go about doing so.
As an orginazation, we recognize that the war does not end on the battlefield, but continues in the homes and lives of these affected soldiers returning home. The program provides relief to the caregivers/wives who are themselves beginning to take on trauma of their own. Both military and civilian resources are provided as well as long term emotional support.

A Special thanks to our donors, volunteers and supporters. Thanks to their generosity we are able to facilitate the growth of new programs. Read more to learn about what to espect at a WOW retreat. 

What to expect from a WOW Retreat

Wives of War recognizes the myriad of challanges caregivers often face when taking care of a loved one who was wounded in combat. Some wounds are visible however, caregivers may not recognize other wounds immediately after their loved one returns home. This is known as "invisible wounds" such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Miitary Sexual Trauma (MST) and/or cronic pain. Caregivers often feel isolated and overwhelmed at the "new normal" for which many of them often have little to no formal training in managing. Many times caregivers can or have experienced their own trauma. Caregivers can also be veterans themselves and WOW is committed to providing these veteran caregivers with the long term emotional support they need. 

The WOW family provides emotional support, resources and compassion to all our "Wives of War" before, during and after our retreats. WOW retreats offer a chance for the wives of combat veterans from all era's of military service to come together in a relaxing environment free from the stress of daily life. At our retreats we discuss a numer of topics in a group setting such as: self-care, health & wellness, healthy coping skills, stress management, mindfulness, nutrition, resilency, exercise, artistic expression, journaling and so much more!  
Wives of War retreats provide:
  • Safe & supportive getaways throughout the year
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring 
  • Educational resources for caregivers, veterans and children/teens of a combat wounded service member 
  • Community Support 
  • Long term emotional support 
  • Stress management tools
  • All meals and lodging included during overnight retreats 
  • Children & Teen programs 
  • Activities to inspire creativity & artistic expression
  1. How much does it cost?
    There is no charge for the retreat. All meals and lodging is provided.
  2. Is travel provided?
    Travel to and from the retreats is not provided by Wives of War.
  3. Does WOW provide childcare during a retreat?
    There is no childcare provided during the retreats. However, we do have children age 4-11 and teens age 12-18 one day retreats.
  4. Who is able to attend a retreat?
    Retreats are available to spouses, caregivers, veteran caregivers, and children of combat veterans.
  5. If I can't attend a retreat can I still join WOW?
    Of course! Stay connected with us on social media, join our network, subscribe to our newsletter and give us your feedback.
  6. What if I am separated or divorced?
    Even if you and your spouse are separated or divorced, you can still attend a retreat.
  7. What is the cancellation policy?
    The cancellation policy and rules of the retreat are on the registration form located at the top of the page under "Forms".
  8. Do I need to provide a DD214?
    No. You do not need to provide Wives of War with a copy of your spouse's DD214 or your own if you are a veteran.