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 Wives of War is asking for your donation to help us reach our program goals and objectives. With your generous donation we are able to address each goal and meet the needs of combat veteran spouses.  We are proud to see our retreat attendies benefit from the program, but we could not make this possible without your support!
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Wives of War goals and objectives: 

  1. New Programs
    Wives of War is proud to announce our new pilot programs "Children of War" and "Teens of War". The goal of our pilot programs is to provide support, education and empowerment for the families of combat veterans. In partnership with Military Childrens Collaborative Group WOW began offering one day retreats to the children and teenagers who's caregiver is a member of Wives of War.
  2. Education
    We offer resources such as books, articles, videos and support for caregivers of combat veterans. Connecting caregivers to available resources in their area assists them with continuing to provide the best possible care for their loved one. We are always open to new suggestions of resources we can add to our website.
  3. Retreats
    Quarterly day and weekend retreats have become a place where the women get to relax and enjoy themselves on many different levels. The creative arts have been an important component of the retreats by helping these women find a safe place to express and explore their diverse feelings and experiences.
  4. Support Groups
    Wives of War is currently working on creating local support groups for caregivers of wounded veterans. Our hope is to offer a monthly face to face setting or telephone meeting. We aim to provide a sense of community and support beyond the retreat and remind caregivers they are not alone. Please check back in January 2018 for more info.

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Make a one time donation via credit card or debit card through our Paypal account. Please help us with your  financial contribution so together we can step forward and make the difference in the lives of military families.
 For more information about how you can become a monthly supporter, please click the link below. Your continued support will help offset the cost of retreats for the Wives of War. 
WoW is an all-volunteer non-profit organization.  Financial assistance is needed to fund retreats for the wives. If you are not able to contribute financially consider other ways to support what we do. 
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